I made this for you

Featuring current work and studies in a SvelteKit-based portfolio.

Inspired by others, I share my open-source derived work with the community.


Building confidence and containers.

I'm a DevOps and Platform Engineering enthusiast from Zaandam, The Netherlands. Started my journey in Information Sciences at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, quickly learning and adopting Python, Javascript and Linux. These days, I'm also working alot with Terraform, Bicep, and Kubernetes, creating cloud infra solutions that are sustainable.

Over at Triple, my role involves providing services to clients including HEINEKEN, BAM, and citizenM. I utilize tools like Akamai, Azure, Azure DevOps and SendGrid to create and maintain robust, scalable cloud infrastructures. For operational purposes, I employ technologies like SaltStack, PRTG, and LogicMonitor.

I love to work on personal projects or playing games with friends. Beyond the screens, you can catch me vibing to vinyl, watching movies, hitting concerts and festivals.

When the dust settles, my life is all about sharing laughs with my oversized cat and with my amazing girlfriend. I also enjoy a good whiskey, and I'm always up for a chat or down to help.

Portrait of Bart van der Braak Noire yawning cat and a bottle of whiskey with glass