Inside my toolbox

Tools, applications, and software that fuels my development and operations work.


A complete developer platform logo of GitHub
A platform for hosting and collaborating on code, providing version control, issue tracking, and code review.


Online LaTeX Editor logo of Overleaf
Overleaf provides a collaborative environment for writing and publishing LaTeX documents. I use it for crafting scientific papers, technical documents, and more.


Declarative GitOps Continuous Delivery logo of ArgoCD
ArgoCD is vital for deploying applications in a declarative way, using Git as the source of truth. It helps me to manage and automate deployments across different environments.

Studio 3T

MongoDB Development Tool logo of Studio 3T
Studio 3T simplifies working with MongoDB, providing useful features for managing databases, collections, and queries.


Fast Terminal logo of Warp
Warp is a modern, Rust-based terminal with AI built in so you and your team can build great software, faster.


Modern & Native Database client logo of TablePlus
TablePlus is a contemporary, native application featuring a sophisticated user interface to efficiently oversee multiple databases concurrently.


Kubernetes Terminal logo of k9s
k9s is a Kubernetes terminal that provides an easy interface to interact with clusters, aiding in managing and observing Kubernetes resources.


Collaborative Design Tool logo of Figma
Figma is a collaborative design tool that helps in creating, testing, and sharing user interfaces for applications and websites.

Azure CLI

Command-line Interface for Azure logo of Azure CLI
Azure CLI is a command-line interface for managing Azure resources, enabling quick administration of my Azure-hosted applications and services.

KeyStore Explorer

GUI-based Key & Certificate Management Tool logo of KeyStore Explorer
KeyStore Explorer is a GUI-based tool to manage cryptographic keys and certificates, helping in development and testing phases.

Toggl Track

Time Tracking Tool logo of Toggl Track
Toggl Track is a time tracking tool that assists in managing my daily tasks and tracking productivity.


Kubernetes Package Manager logo of Helm
Helm is a Kubernetes package manager that simplifies the deployment and management of applications on Kubernetes clusters.

Royal TSX

Connection Management Tool logo of Royal TSX
Royal TSX is a connection management tool that provides easy and secure access to remote systems.


Python Dependency Management Tool logo of Poetry
Poetry is a Python dependency management tool that simplifies package management and project environment setup.


Clipboard Manager for macOS logo of Maccy
Maccy is a lightweight clipboard manager for macOS that improves productivity by keeping a history of the clipboard.

Balena Etcher

USB and SD Card Writing Tool logo of Balena Etcher
Balena Etcher is a USB and SD card writing tool used to flash OS images onto memory cards or drives.


Email Delivery Service logo of SendGrid
SendGrid is an email delivery service that facilitates the sending of transactional or marketing emails.


REST Client logo of Insomnia
Insomnia is a powerful REST client that aids in testing, debugging, and interacting with HTTP APIs.


3D Modeling and Animation Software logo of Blender
Blender is a 3D modeling and animation software used for creating and rendering 3D graphics and animations.


Open-source Password Manager logo of Bitwarden
Bitwarden is an open-source password manager that securely stores and manages passwords across devices.

Azure Data Studio

Cross-platform Database Tool logo of Azure Data Studio
Azure Data Studio is a cross-platform database tool that provides a modern editor experience for managing data across multiple sources.


Network Protocol Analyzer logo of Wireshark
Wireshark is a network protocol analyzer that helps me inspect and troubleshoot network traffic, providing in-depth insights.


Window Management Tool for macOS logo of Rectangle
Rectangle is a window management tool for macOS that provides keyboard shortcuts for resizing and organizing windows efficiently.


Integrated Development Environment for Python logo of PyCharm
An Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Python, providing intelligent code assistance and debugging tools.


Containerization Platform logo of Docker
A platform that enables the development, shipment, and running of applications inside containers, ensuring consistency across environments.


Server and Cloud Storage Browser logo of Cyberduck
A libre server and cloud storage browser for Mac and Windows, supporting various protocols and cloud providers.

Mullvad VPN

VPN Service logo of Mullvad VPN
A VPN service that prioritizes privacy and anonymity, keeping my online activities secure and private.


Command-line JSON Processor logo of jq
A lightweight and flexible command-line JSON processor, essential for parsing and manipulating JSON data in the shell.


Global Content Delivery Network logo of Akamai
A global content delivery network, cybersecurity, and cloud service company, providing web and internet security services.


Content Delivery Network and Security Services logo of CloudFlare
A company that offers CDN services, DDoS mitigation, and distributed domain name server services to optimize and secure online content.

Visual Studio Code

Code Editor logo of Visual Studio Code
A free, open-source code editor that offers powerful tools for code development, debugging, and extensions for various programming languages.


Alert and On-Call Management Platform logo of OpsGenie
An alert and on-call management platform that ensures critical alerts are never missed, improving incident response times.


Text Editor logo of vim
A highly configurable and efficient text editor that I use for editing code and text files from the command line.


Collaboration Platform logo of Notion
A collaboration platform that combines note-taking, task management, and workflow management.


Node.js Version Manager logo of nvm
A Node.js version manager that simplifies the installation and management of multiple Node.js versions.


Open-source Graphics Editor logo of GIMP
An open-source raster graphics editor used for tasks such as photo retouching, image editing, and composition.

Azure Storage Explorer

Azure Storage Management Application logo of Azure Storage Explorer
A standalone app that facilitates the management of Azure storage data.


Visual Diff and Merge Tool logo of Meld
A visual diff and merge tool that provides clear comparisons between files and directories.

Karabiner Elements

Keyboard Customizer for macOS logo of Karabiner Elements
A powerful keyboard customizer for macOS, providing multiple customization options for the keyboard.


Kubernetes Configuration Customizer logo of Kustomize
A template-free way to customize application configuration that simplifies the customization of Kubernetes YAML configuration files.


Open-source Vector Graphics Editor logo of InkScape
An open-source vector graphics editor, enabling the creation and editing of vector images.


Open Broadcaster Software logo of OBS
Open Broadcaster Software, a free and open-source tool for video recording and live streaming.


Modern VPN Protocol logo of WireGuard
A modern VPN protocol that aims for simplicity and speed, facilitating secure connections.


Hosts File Manager logo of SwitchHosts
An App for managing and switching hosts files, allowing me to easily switch between different environments.


Collaboration Hub logo of Slack
A collaboration hub that connects my work with the people I work with through channels, where communication and files are placed in one place.


Network Security Scanner logo of nmap
A security scanner used to discover hosts and services on a computer network, providing a detailed view of the network.


Universal Database Tool logo of DBeaver
A universal database tool for developers and database administrators that supports all popular databases.


Infrastructure as Code Tool logo of OpenTofu
An open-source infrastructure as code tool that enables the automated creation, modification, and versioning of complex infrastructures.


Infrastructure as Code Tool logo of Terraform
Terraform is infrastructure as code software tool that provides a consistent CLI workflow to manage hundreds of cloud services.


Git Extension for Visual Studio Code logo of GitLens
An extension for Visual Studio Code that supercharges the Git capabilities, providing advanced blame annotations, code lens, and more.